Organic may refer to:

  • Organic, of or relating to an organism, a living entity
  • Organic, of or relating to an anatomical organ
  • Chemistry

  • Organic matter, matter that has come from a once-living organism, is capable of decay or the product of decay, or is composed of organic compounds
  • Organic chemistry, chemistry involving organic compounds
  • Organic compound, a compound that contains carbon
  • Farming, certification and products

  • Organic farming, agriculture conducted according to certain standards, especially the use of stated methods of fertilization and pest control
  • Organic certification, accreditation process for producers of organic products
  • Organic horticulture, the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants by following the essential principles of organic agriculture
  • Organic products, "organics":
    • Organic food, food produced from organic farming methods and often certified organic according to organic farming standards
    • Organic clothing, clothing produced from organic fibers such as organic cotton
    • Organic wine
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    Amman Hosts Forum on Investing in Digital Economy

    Petra 26 May 2024
    Participants include representatives from various governments and ministries, leading experts and researchers in the digital economy, international organization representatives, prominent businessmen from OIC member states, and small investors who have founded tech investment companies....

    Edison teen on mission to make STEM more female-friendly

    My Central Jersey 25 May 2024
    Through magazine issues, workshops, events and virtual conferences often featuring notable female role models, the organization strives to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and empower the next generation of female leaders ... Khokhar began to involve herself more in STEM-related nonprofit organization (NPO) spaces....

    Bingham Family Vineyards, H-E-B honors Texas man's memory through scholarship wine

    Caller Times 25 May 2024
    One of the ways to support this scholarship, which helps viticulture and enology students at Texas Tech University and Texas A&M, is by purchasing the Blake Eddie Scholarship Wine sold at H-E-B stores across the state.Bottling a memory ... organization has been offered since 2021....

    As a key labor union pushes into the South, red states push back

    Mount Pleasant Morning Sun 25 May 2024
    Colorado’s first-in-nation AI regulations are “a major shift,” experts say, as tech industry pushes back Dycus, whose organization represents more than 60,000 union workers in the state, including teachers, steelworkers and nurses, said labor leaders have little ......

    AI Technology Fuels Sophisticated Propaganda by Terrorist Groups

    Cryptopolitan 25 May 2024
    As stated by Najem, with the help of AI, IS can create deepfake videos to influence specific celebrities and influencers, mainly the youth, to join the organization ... While such radical organizations use AI to create professional-looking, translated, and convincing content, authorities and tech giants need to find ways to counter these threats .......

    Donald Trump hush money trial: Takeaways after week six

    Newsday 25 May 2024
    Trump’s lawyers continued their effort to undercut Cohen’s credibility, hammering at an admission that he stole $30,000 from The Trump Organization. Cohen testified he paid a tech firm, Red Finch, $20,000 to rig online polls in Trump’s favor before the 2016 presidential election....

    Ahead of Memorial Day, the BentoStack tech accessory organizer is less than $30

    Boing Boing 24 May 2024
    Keep your tech accessories in order with the BentoStack, a device and tech accessory organizer....

    Taeps Animation Studios CEO, Adeoyin Okuboyejo Speaks on Building Resilient Start-ups at YALI Tech Summit

    This Day 24 May 2024
    Adeoyin Okuboyejo, the dynamic CEO of Taeps Animation Studios, captivated the audience with his insights on building resilient start-ups at the YALI Network Lagos Youth Tech Summit ... In addition to Okuboyejo, the panel featured several experts who brought a wealth of knowledge from various sectors of the tech industry....

    Chip factories are unions’ next target in test for Biden

    Detroit news 24 May 2024
    Unions are once again testing whether President Joe Biden can deliver on his promise of a manufacturing boom that boosts organized labor. The Communications Workers of America, which represents some 700,000 tech and media workers, is set to begin talks for a so-called labor peace agreement with Micron Technology Inc....

    Telecom firms say 5G is transforming industries from farming to manufacturing as they build in ...

    Business Insider 24 May 2024
    Rosalie ChanCompanies are leveraging 5G for faster speeds, expanded capabilities, and connectivity.Cybersecurity professionals at the RSA conference said security is crucial for 5G.This article is part of "5G and Connectivity Playbook," a series exploring some of our time's most important tech innovations....

    The future of AI: Beyond language models to becoming real world decision makers

    Live Mint 24 May 2024
    This gap underscores the urgent need for a new generation of AI models that move beyond mere imitation of patterns.This new frontier in AI research was being actively explored by tech giants such as Meta, Google, and other leading organizations....

    Berniston Review: What the future of forex trading looks like? []

    CyprusMail 24 May 2024
    Berniston believes investment in AI-powered trading platforms may attract clever traders and tech-savvy organizations ... Berniston traders and organizations must address the hazards of uncertainty ... Banking organizations and universities may boost innovation and skill development by collaborating....